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The great Stephen Collins Foster still remains the supreme composer of
American music. Few men's work survives their generation, yet Stephen
Foster's genius is universal and eternal, not just related to the Civil War era.
In his music he has penetrated the surface of a people's gaiety, and shared
with them the sorrow beneath. No one knows how many of these beautiful
ballads Foster wrote. 175 of them have been collected. Some of my own
personal favorites have been created by me for Melody Lane in instrumental
MP3 files for singing along, and I find myself returning to these song pages
again and again, as a bee thirsts insatiably for nectar to make honey. 
Enjoy these beautiful songs! ~ Jill ~ Melody Lane

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Stephen Foster Medley of Songs From Gone With The Wind

Medley Includes The Old Folks At Home, I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair, 
In My Old Kentucky Home, and Beautiful Dreamer. These were featured at intermission 
during the original release of the classic Hollywood film Gone With The Wind
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Katy Bell


Utterly charming, delicious, fun, romantic song for male voice,
with a very catchy melody
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Wilt Thou Be Gone Love?


An exquisitely beautiful duet for male - female voices
With lyrics taken from Shakespeare
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Sweetly She Sings, My Alice Fair 


Words by Charles G. Eastman 
A great solo for the baritone voice; such a pretty melody!
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Ah! May The Red Rose Live Alway


So many songs written about red roses!! 
This one is my absolute favorite, the melody is sublimely beautiful. 
"Dedicated to Miss Mary M. Dallas", she must have been a very special woman. 
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Summer Longings


Soprano solo ballad, one can actually feel
the pain of the person singing the lyrics as they long for
winter's end, and for the glories of summer to begin.
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Where Is Thy Spirit, Mary?


Beautiful ballad for medium male (tenor) voice
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Beautiful Child Of Song


This lovely song has a more modern feeling to it, I think,
than some of Stephen's other ballads. The subject is the
praise of the charms of young people's voices lifted in song.
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Slumber, My Darling
"A Favorite Lullaby"


Beautiful melody on this enchanting lullaby.
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Mary Loves The Flowers


Another beautiful Stephen Foster song, with eloquent lyrics 
that conjur up images of a world that has disappeared.
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Gentle Annie


Lovely, bittersweet ballad as only Mr. Foster could write 
I love the way the pre-Civil war song writers wrote about women; 
pre-feminist movement women were elevated onto pedestals like this; 
it was so nice! :)
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Why No One To Love?


Stephen Foster composed this tune as an answer-song to a mournful ballad
written by Ellen Clementine and M.H. Frank, entitled "No One to Love."
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If You've Only Got A Moustache

(1862 Comic Song)

Lyric written by George Cooper 
Music written by Stephen Foster 
I confess I giggled hysterically while creating this song page;
It's just a very funny song. My kids love this one.
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Nothing But A Plain Old Soldier


Lyrics and Music by Stephen Foster
Written during the Civil War, when the outcome was uncertain,
this fantastic song for the male voice tells the story of a Revolutionary War
soldier who looks at the current military campaigns for both North and South
and finds them sadly lacking compared to the great battles he took part in. 
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Oh Susanna

(1848) - A Timeless, Funny Classic
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