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The Star Spangled Banner

Our National Anthem
Words by Frances Scott Key (1814) 
Music by John Stafford Smith
A rousing rendition of the United States national anthem
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America, My Country Tis Of Thee

Words by Samuel Francis Smith (1832) 
Melody derived from God Save the Queen (1744) 
A soft and stirring rendition of this classic American patriotic song
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America The Beautiful

Words by Katharine Lee Bates; Music by Parke W. Hewins
"America! America! God shed his grace on thee!"
And we certainly need His grace now, more than ever
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America, I Love You

Words by Edgar Leslie and Music by Archie Gottlier (1915)
I love this fantastic patriotic song! :)
I cannot believe it has faded from public memory, and wish to bring it back.
We need it's message now, more than ever.
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The Battle Cry Of Freedom

Words and Music by George F. Root (1862)
One of the most famous Civil War songs, here are
both the Northern and Southern lyrics for both armies
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Written and Composed by Dan D. Emmett (1860)
Written for a minstrel show, and performed at Confederate President 
Jefferson Davis's Inaugural in 1861
The name "Dixie" originated from the French word for ten: "dix".
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The Sullivan Ballou Letter


Bonnie Blue Flag

The original composer of this Confederate war song
was Harry Macarthy, in 1861, but the North pirated
the song without giving Macarthy proper credit;
none of the Northern sheet music editions I found from 1862-84
mention his name.
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Marching Through Georgia

Words and Music by Henry Clay Work (1865) 
The most famous Union song to come out of the Civil War
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The Marines' Hymn

Words and Music by L.Z. Phillips
Printed for complimentary distribution by United States Marine Corps Publicity Bureau, 
110 South Broad Street, 1919.
Go Marines!
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Anchors Aweigh

Words and Music By Charles. A. Zimmermann.
Revised lyric by George D. Lottman. Revised melody by D. Savino.
    Original Publication: New York: Robbins Music Corporation, 799 Seventh Avenue, (1907)
Go Navy!
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The Caissons Go Rolling Along

Words and Music by Brig. Gen. Edmund L. Gruber.
Publication: New York: Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc., (1921)
Go Army!
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Sorry Air Force folk, your song, Wild Blue Yonder, is still under copyright protection :(
But Go Air Force! anyway :) Here is your hymn. 

Official Air Force Hymn

Music by Henry Baker 
Words by Mary C. D. Hamilton
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Liberty Bell
(It't Time To Ring Again)

Music written by Halsey K. Mohr and Lyrics by Joe Goodwin (1917) 
We all love the American flag, but there is another symbol of America we often
forget about and which is just as important: our Liberty Bell!
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I get many requests for Irving Berlin's song God Bless America (1939)
It is not public domain so therefore I do not have it on Melody Lane

Patriotic Songs From Other Countries

Rule Britannia

Unofficial National Anthem Of Great Britain 
Music: Thomas Augustine Arne 
Words: James Thomson (1740) 
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La Marseillaise

French National Anthem
Words and Music by Mons. Rouge de Lille.
Who could ever forget that scene in "Casablanca" where
they all sang this song while the Germans tried to sing their national anthem
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