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The Missouri Waltz

Lyrics by J. R. Shannon 
Melody by John Valentine Eppel 
Arranged for Piano by Frederick Knight Logan (1914)
Delightful and unforgettable waltz song
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Words by Clinton Scollard 
Music by Oley Speaks (1914)
An exquisite art love song from Oley Speaks
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Three O'Clock In The Morning

Words by Dorothy Terriss 
Music by Julian Robledo (1922) 
A lovely waltz song with chimes that continues to be popular
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Mary Came Over To Me

Words by Irving Caesar and Music by Victor Herbert (1922)
Another plaintive, beautiful song from Victor Herbert, about
Irish immigration to America and the love of a young Irish man for 
his girl who has come over
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Jazz Baby

Words by Blanche Merrill, Music by M.K. Jerome (1919)
A super fun tune, ushering in the Roaring Twenties
Heard in the musical "Thoroughly Modern Millie"
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The Vamp

Written by Byron Gay 
Publisher: Leo Feist, New York (1919)
A snappy fox trot that boasts a beautiful cover,
and was performed by all the early dance bands
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At Dawning (I Love You)

Music By Charles Wakefield Cadman 
Poem By Nelle Eberhart (1906)
A beautiful art song, still performed by musicians
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Music and French Words by Guy d'Hardelot 
English Words by Edward Teschemacher
Publication: Chappell & Co. Ltd. (1902)
Traditional wedding song, which along with O Promise Me,
was constantly sung at weddings for decades, until styles
changed to guitar strumming and leaving out God in the lyrics
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Chinatown, My Chinatown

Words by William Jerome & Music by Jean Schwartz (1910)
Not a politically correct song, but beautiful in its own way, with a
very catchy melody and beat. Al Jolson first popularized this song.
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O Dry Those Tears!

Words and Music by Teresa Del Riego (1901)
Beautiful love song expressing the power of positive thinking
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The Moon Is Shining In The Skies

Written by Louis Chauvin and Sam Patterson (1903)
Another sweet romantic turn of the centry tune,
the kind Grandma played on her parlor piano
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