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From The Land Of The Sky-Blue Water

"Founded Upon A Tribal Melody"
Poem by Nellie Richmond Eberhart
Music by Charles Wakefield Cadman (1909)
Don't let the plain cover fool you, oh, this song is absolutely gorgeous.
Popular with violinists, ever since Fritz Kreisler made a beautiful
recording of it in the 1920's
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Three Irish Song Favorites

Come Back To Erin

Written by Claribel (19th century)
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Mother Machree

Lyrics by Rida Johnson Young
Music by Chauncey Olcott and Ernest Ball (1910)
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Peggy O'Neil

Words and Music by Harry Pease, Ed Nelson, Gilbert Dodge (1921)
An Irish classic standard song
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O, Let Me Be A Blonde, Mother!

Words by Grace H. Horr and Music by F.W. Root (1872)
A truly funny song about a teen girl who longs to bleach her brown hair blonde.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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Smilin' Through

Words and Music by Arthur A. Penn (1918)
A terrific ballad standard, recorded by many of the top crooners
of the first half of the twentieth century
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Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

Words and Music by Henry Creamer and Turner Layton (1922)
A favorite Dixieland tune from the team who wrote "After You've Gone"
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Are You From Dixie?
('Cause I'm From Dixie Too)

Words by Jack Yellen 
Music by George L Cobb (1915)
A favorite song of barbershop quartets for 8 decades
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The Cubanola Glide

Music by Harry von Tilzer & Words by Vincent Bryan (1909) 
A lively ragtime dance hit 
Mentioned In The Poem By T.S. Eliot - "The Waste Land"
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Sally In Our Alley

Words and Music: Henry Carey (1726)
Ah romance! Well you see, this young fellow likes
this girl named Sally, even skips out on church to see her on Sunday,
endures the laughter of the townspeople, beatings from his boss,
you name it. Often spoofed throughout the centuries, this song
still has a certain amount of undeniable charm to it. It was re-popularized
in the early years of the 20th century when several shows were created around its theme.
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