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Play That Barber Shop Chord

Words by Wm. Tracey and Music by Lewis F. Muir 
Publication: J. Fred Helf Company, 136 West 37th St. New York (1910) 
This great ragtime song was a hit for vaudeville performer Bert Williams,
and was resurrected again for future audiences by Judy Garland in the
MGM Musical In The Good Old Summertime
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Some Beautiful Morning

Words and Music by Al Jolson and Cliff Friend
Publication: Jerome Remick and Co., New York (1919)
A lovely romantic ballad from two Tin Pan Alley greats
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My Melancholy Baby

Written by George A. Norton and Ernie Burnett 
Publication: Theron C. Bennett Co., New York, 145 W. 45th St. (1912)
This romantic ballad never grows old. Recorded by countless musicians
and singers over the years, and sounds just as fresh today as when it was first penned.
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Mighty Lak' A Rose

Music by Ethelbert Nevin and Words by Frank L. Stanton (1901)
This timeless, beautiful song speaks of a universal love, that of mother for child
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The Bowery

From The Show "A Trip To Chinatown" 
Words by Charles H. Hoyt 
Music by Percy Gaunt 
Publication: T.B. Harms, Inc., New York (1892) 
Ever have one of those days? Well, this fellow from the Bowery
in New York certainly did. Wonder if he ever DID go back?
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You're The Flower Of My Heart,
Sweet Adeline

Words by Richard H. Gerard and Music by Henry Armstrong 
Publication: M. Whitmark and Sons, Inc. (1903)
A barbershop quartet favorite, this song is incredibly beautiful,
and "hits" on many emotional levels, perhaps its the dreamy quality
of its melody, or the yearning in the lyrics for someone who is gone.
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I Don't Care

Words by Jean Lenox and Music by Harry O. Sutton
Publication: Shapiro, Remick and Co. (1905)
The famous signature song of vaudeville performer Eva Tanguay.
She would sing it while dancing and throwing her arms around the stage.
Judy Garland imitated her style while singing this rousing song in
MGM's 1949 musical "In The Good Old Summertime"
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Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie

Words by Andrew B.Sterling 
Music by Harry Von Tilzer 
Publication: New York: Harry Von Tilzer Music Publishing Co., 37 W. 28th St., (1905) 
Another classic Sterling and Tilzer hit from "the mauve period" :)
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Poem by Joyce Kilmer
Music by Oscar Rasbach 
Publication: G. Schirmer Music Stores, Inc. (1922)
Step into holy ground with this beautiful song describing so eloquently
the beauty of nature which God has created
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When My Baby Smiles At Me

Words by Andrew B. Sterling and Ted Lewis 
Music by Bill Munro (1920) 
A big hit for vaudeville star Ted Lewis, it has a catchy and romantic tune
that appeals to the present day. 
Btw, ever notice how the face is transformed by a simple smile? :)
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