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April Showers

Music by Louis Silvers 
Words by B. G. DeSylva 
Publication: New York: Sunshine Music Co., 1921
Al Jolson's hit song in Shubert's Production of Bombo,
there is just something about this one that tugs at the heartstrings
Melody Lane MP3 & Vintage Performance in MP3 by Al Jolson

I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody
(Like I'm Loving You)

Written By Tom Pitts, Ray Egan, and Roy K. Marsh 
Publication: Feist, Inc. New York, 1920
Recorded by Paul Whiteman's orchestra in the 20's
and then becoming a hit for Frank Sinatra in the 40's,
this fox-trot ballad has a nice romantic, timeless quality about it
Melody Lane Custom MP3 & Vintage Performance in MP3 by Paul Whiteman

Good Bye, My Lady Love

Music and Lyrics by Joseph Howard
Publication: Charles Harris, Inc. , 1904
A turn-of-the-century gem written by
Joe Howard, who also wrote "Hello, Ma Baby"
Heard in the 1936 MGM film musical "Show Boat"
Melody Lane Custom MP3 & Vintage Performance in MP3

I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard

Sing Along Children's MIDI Song (with a message which is really for adults)
Written by Philip Wingate and H.W. Petrie 
Publication: Chicago: Petrie Music Company, 4627 Champlain Ave., 1894
Melody Lane Custom MP3 & Rare Edison Cylinder Recording from 1894 in MP3

When You Wore A Tulip
And I Wore A Big Red Rose

Words By Jack Mahoney and Music by Percy Wenrich 
Publication: Leo Feist Inc. Feist Building, New York, 1914
Written by Percy Wenrich, writer of "Moonlight Bay" and "Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet",
and introduced by his wife, vaudeville star Dolly Connolly, this song was a hit
the minute it was first sung. It became very popular to the boys in the trenches of
World War One, reminding them of sweeter, simpler days back home. The Allied soldiers
had altered lyrics for this tune to fit the Germans, 
but unfortunately they are not printable for a family-oriented website like Melody Lane ;)
Melody Lane Custom MP3 & Vintage Performance in MP3

Très Moutarde (Too Much Mustard)

Instrumental One or Two-Step Tango - Rag 
Composer: Cecil Macklin 
Publication: Edward Schuberth, New York, 1911 
"As Played by all the Leading Orchestras"
You can print out the original sheet music for this fun song, enjoy!
Melody Lane Custom MP3

Let The Great Big World Keep Turning

Lyrics by Clifford Grey and Music by Nat. D. Ayer
Publication: B. Feldman and Co. Ltd., London (1917)
A lady from England requested this pretty song,
and sent me the sheet music for it; nice sentiments expressed in this one
Melody Lane Custom MP3 & Vintage Performance in MP3

In My Merry Oldsmobile

Lyrics by Vincent Bryan and Music by Gus Edwards 
Publication: New York: M. Witmark & Sons, (1905) 
On December 12, 2000, Oldsmobile announced that the cars
would be phased out; I thought it was time to pay tribute to the car
that so many American families grew up with over the past century
Melody Lane Custom MP3 & Vintage Recording in MP3

(The Sweetest Kisses of All)

Lyrics by Alex Sullivan and Music by Lynn Cowan 
Publication: New York: McCarthy & Fisher, Inc., 224 W. 46th St. (1918)
Delightful song, heard in the re-release of Buster Keaton's "Seven Chances"

Daddy You've Been A Mother To Me

Words and Music by Fred Fisher 
Publication: McCarthy-Fisher, Inc. 224 W. 46th St. New York City (1920)
A very moving song tribute to dedicated fathers; the people on my mailing list
sent me vintage photographs of family members to personalize this page. 
Melody Lane Custom MP3 & Vintage Recording in MP3 by Henry Burr


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