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I'm Just Wild About Harry

Words and Music by Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake, 1921 
Who could forget Daffy Duck trying to audition for Porky Pig by singing this song? :)
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Japanese Sandman

Music by Richard Whiting and Lyrics by Raymond Egan
Publication: New York: Jerome H. Remick & Co., 1920
One of the greatest hit songs of the Tin Pan Alley days,
and one of the most beautiful covers by the wonderful artist Frank Manning
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Alice Blue Gown

From the musical comedy "Irene" 
Music by Harry Tierney and Lyrics by Joseph McCarthy, 1919
Charming song about a lady who loves that special dress;
a song that is still often requested over 80 years since it was first written
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Some Of These Days

Words and Music by Shelton Brooks
Publication: Chicago: Will Rossiter, The Chicago Publisher, 173 Madison St., 1910
Wow, this is a humdinger of a torch song, made famous by Sophie Tucker on radio.
It was also sung in the film Rose Marie by Gilda Gray, 
with Jeanette MacDonald's character trying, not very successfully, to imitate her.
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Oh! What A Pal Was Mary

Words by Edgar Leslie and Bert Kalmar 
Tin Pan Alley Love Song Music by Pete Wendling 
Publication: New York: Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., Music Publishers, Strand Theater Bldg., 
Broadway at 47th St. 1919
Visitors beware: have a box of tissue paper handy when singing this song, it's a tearjerker.
Looking at the two early sheet music covers for this song, one can see why
the collection of old-time sheet music is such a passionate hobby for many.
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Oh! Johnny! Oh! Johnny, Oh!!

Lyrics by Ed Rose and Music by A. Olman
Publication: Publication: Chicago: Forster Music Publisher, Inc. 1917
First featured by Henry Lewis in an Anna Held production of the show "Follow Me",
and then picked up again in the 1940's by the Andrew Sisters, to become one
of their best selling songs of the decade.
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Written by Oliver Wallace and Harold Weeks, 1918
Publication: Forster Music Publisher Inc. Chicago, Ill
I got this music in a lot of vintage sheets off Ebay; had no idea it had such a cute melody.
I know when I have discovered a "winner" to put online: 
when my two youngest children start dancing and bouncing around to the song. 
This is one of those. Have fun with it. Great for parties.
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Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula 

By E. Ray Goetz, Joe Young and Pete Wendling (1916)
Sweet song with a pretty melody, popularized by Al Jolson 
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They're Wearing 'Em Higher In Hawaii

Music by Halsey K. Mohr and Lyrics by Joe Goodwin (1916)
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 How She Could Yacki Hacki Wicki Wacki Woo

Words by Stanley Murphy and Charles McCarron
Music by Albert Von Tilzer (1916)
Publication: New York: Broadway Music Corporation, 
Will Von Tilzer, President, 145 West 45th St., 1916.
By the same man who wrote the music to
"Take Me Out To The Ball Game" comes
this amusing Hawaiian love song. 1916 was a big year for
Hawaiian songs, it seems
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