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School Days

Words by Will D. Cobb and Music by Gus Edwards.
Publication: New York: Gus Edwards Music pub. Co., 1512 Broadway, (1907)
"School Days" was the title song of Gus Edwards' Vaudeville act, 
featuring among others George Jessel and Eddie Cantor. 
A good friend of Thomas Edison's, the singer Byron G. Harlan, 
later made a recording of "School Days" that was a national best seller.
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As The School Bell Rings

Song written by my Great Grandfather, William A. Kearns, 1919
It was obvious he loved the days of the one room schoolhouse as much as
the writers of the more famous song "School Days"
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By The Light Of The Silvery Moon and Moonlight Bay

By The Light Of The Silvery Moon - Words by Ed Madden and Music by Gus Edwards (1919)
Moonlight Bay - Words by Edward Madden Music by Percy Wenrich (1912)

In the early years of the twentieth century, moon songs became very popular...
I think because lyricists realized they needed a romantic word that rhymed with "spoon". ;)
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Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built For Two)

Written and Composed by Harry Dacre (1892)
I love this delightful 1890's song, 
because one of my earliest memories is of my mother singing it around the house
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Dark Eyes - Ochie Chornie

Well known and oft-recorded, this exotic Russian Gypsy Song is alot of fun.
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I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Written and Composed by John H. Glover-Kind
Publication: B. Feldman and Co., London, England (1907)
A perennial British favorite; lots of fun to sing
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When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Lyrics by Chauncey Olcott and Geo. Graff Jr. Music by Ernest R. Ball.
Publication: New York: M. Witmark & Sons, (1912)
Everyone's favorite St. Patrick's Day song - includes the seldom heard verses as well as the chorus
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My Wild Irish Rose

Words and Music by Chauncey Olcott (1899)
Publication: M. Witmark and Sons
An perennial Irish favorite
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Ain't We Got Fun?

Music by Richard Whiting, Lyrics by Gus Kahn (1921)
This song IS lots of fun, get ready to smile while singing
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