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The Glow Worm

Music by Paul Lincke
Original Lyrics by Lilla Cayley Robinson (1907)
This song was originally danced to by Anna Pavlova
It was also played by the Titanic orchestra for 1st and 2nd class passengers
This is the original version of this song.
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Intermezzo - Two Step (1905)
Music by Neil Moret
Poem by James O'Dea
 Publication: Jerome H. Remick & Co., Detroit - NY
At the turn of the 19th to 20th century, a plethora
of Indian themes hit the sheet music industry. I wasn't really sure
what the appeal was to them....until I heard songs as cute as this one.
My two youngest children love to dance to this song, so this is for them.
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Are We To Part Like This?

By Harry Casling and Charles Collins
Publication: B. Feldman & Co., Ltd.  (1912)
Great torch number from the English music hall days - if you like to belt out a song, this one is for you
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Frankie and Johnny

Words and Music by The Leighton Brothers and Ren Shields
Publication: Tell Taylor, Chicago, Ill. (1912)
Elvis changed the lyrics
around drastically when he recorded this song.
Come sing along to this campy song to the 1912 lyrics.
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Love Sends A Little Gift Of Roses

Words by Leslie Cooke. Music by John Openshaw.
Publication: New York: Harms, Incorporated, 62 West 45th Street (1919)
Your Grandma loved this one, believe me :)
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St. Louis Blues

Written by W.C. Handy (1873-1958), a son of former slaves, this 1914 song changed
the course of American music by integrating a new blues idiom into ragtime.
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The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine

Words by Ballard MacDonald and Music by Harry Carroll (1912)
This song is so adorable! It was based on the first novel to sell a million copies,
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, in 1908, 
written by John Fox Jr. 6 films were made of the story,
including one in 1936 with Henry Fonda, Fred MacMurray and Sylvia Sydney
...the first outdoor major film to be made in Technicolor.
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Music by Felix Bernard and Johnny S. Black. Words by Fred Fisher.
     Publication: New York: McCarthy & Fisher, Inc., 224 W. 46th St. (1919)
What results when three American men try to write an exotic song about the Orient :)
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Peg O' My Heart

Words by Alfred Bryan. Music by Fred Fisher.
     Publication: New York: Leo Feist, Inc., 1913.
Another example of a song that people continue to think came
out in the 40's and 50's, yet actually was written years earlier
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