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Priscilla Herdman is a unique folk artist, with a lyrical and lustrous voice, pure, soft and melodious. She has been my favorite singer - of any genre - for over fifteen years now, since I heard her first album Water Lily in the 1980's. The songs she sings are haunting poems which linger in your memory long after you have turned your stereo off. Each new Priscilla Herdman CD is an eagerly anticipated work of art. She often combines her lovely voice with two other exceptionally fine folk singers: long-time friends Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen. Some musicians of note who appear on her record labels are Jay Ungar (composer "Ashoken Farewell"), playing fiddle and mandolin, Abby Newton, cello, Artie Traum, guitar, Mark Rust, string guitars, and Scott Petito and Donald Sosin, piano, and other instruments as well. Their exceptional accompaniment adds sustained beauty to the perfection of her voice.

Because Priscilla Herdman is an independent folk artist, her CD 's are not easily found in typical record and music stores. At the bottom of this page I will list several sources where you can find Priscilla's music, both through the mail and online. Meanwhile, please enjoy some audio samples of Priscilla Herdman folk music below. Folk music is experiencing a renewal in popularity today, and for good reason: it speaks to the yearning within all of us for a place of peace and tranquility where we can feel safe and protected and loved.

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  Priscilla Herdman's latest CD "The Road Home" is comprised of 10 beautiful songs reflecting
the love we all have within our hearts for our hometowns and our family foundations and traditions.

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  Water Lily - This was Priscilla's debut album in 1977, it is now on CD, and contains some of her loveliest songs. The poems of Australian Poet Laureate Henry Lawson (1867-1922) comprise many of her songs on this CD, including the title song. Ever the romantic, my personal favorite on this CD is "Do You Think That I Do Not Know?", a song of lost love. Priscilla wrote four of the melodies for the Henry Lawson poems on the album. For many fans, this premiere album remains their favorite, and I guess I would have to concur with the Boston Phoenix, which had this to say: "The Water Lily epitomizes folk music at its best." This CD is a "Must Have" if you love folk music. To enjoy Priscilla's beautiful voice, you can listen to MP3 AUDIO SAMPLES from this CD, THE BEAUTIFUL: "Water Lily" that Priscilla wrote the music for (371 kb), and "Jock O'Hazeldean", a traditional Scot ballad (529 kb). (Permission kindly granted by artist).


   Forgotten Dreams - Originally released as an album in 1980, this CD has some exceptional songs of note including Eric Bogle's "No Man's Land", "Turnaround", "I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You", and my personal favorite, the beautiful "Dreams", with simple piano accompaniment. It is wonderful that almost all of Priscilla's CDs come with printed lyrics to sing along with; this is one of them.

   Seasons of Change - This is undoubtably Priscilla's most socio-political CD, with songs that reflect the underdog's yearning for acceptance and change. Songs include the beautifully sung "Desaparecidos", "Rice and Beans", and "Letter from May Alice Jeffers", which reflect social and political concerns of people in America and around the world. My personal favorite on this CD is "Lies", since I feel so much like the housewife the song reflects. Originally released in 1983, but just as topical and enjoyable today as it was then.

   Darkness Into Light - Released in 1987, this CD has some exceptionally breathtaking songs: "The Coming of the Roads", "Ain't I A Woman?" (music Priscilla wrote herself to the words of freed black slave Sojourner Truth), "From the Lambing To the Wool", a story of a farm wife's hard life and rearing of children during the Great Depression, and my personal favorite "Wood River", which is almost....actually it IS....the perfect song about the beauty of nature, and a couple in love, enjoying that beauty. You can just melt into most of the songs on this CD.

   Stardreamer - Released in 1988, this is Priscilla's first children's album. Mostly comprised of soft lullabies, it is the perfect gift for a new mother and her baby. Songs include "Waltzing with Bears", a delicious round of "Matthew, Mark, Luke and John" sung with Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen, "Goodnight Irene", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "Brahms 'Lullaby", and my favorite, "First Lullaby", with a chorus sung in French that is very beautiful. This is my daughter Jacqueline's favorite Priscilla Herdman CD.

   Voices - With a 1990 debut, this is Priscilla's first recording with Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen sharing full credit, and it is "dyn-o-mite!". It is up there as one of my favorites. A fantastic rendition of "Wayfaring Stranger" (it never fails to make me look forward to meeting my Savior Jesus someday), a funny little ditty called "Squalor", and "Waiting for Isabella", about seafaring men in Greenland. A definite "must-have".

   Daydreamer - Produced in 1993 by Abby Newton and Priscilla Herdman, this is Priscilla's second children's CD, and it is definite "must have" if you have young children (and even if you don't!), and enjoy singing with children. The songs are rich, fanciful, and melodic. Great renditions of "What A Wonderful World", "When the Rain Comes Down", "Kindergarten Wall", "White Coral Bells", "Love Grows One By One", and my two favorites, "Water From Another Time" and "Apple Picker's Reel". Don't miss out on getting this great CD, for that special child....and for you. :) My favorite song on this CD is "Where Have You Gone?", which allows the adult to enter the "pure imagination" of a child, and never really wants to let you go, even when the song is ended.

   Forever and Always - Also produced by Abby Newton and Priscilla Herdman, and released in 1994, this CD is as absolutely as close to perfection as any musical CD can get. Every song is memorable. Some classics like "The Water Is Wide", "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", and "Ashokan Farewell" receive a fresh and unforgettable treatment. Other lovely songs include: "Somewhere In Time", and "I'll Love You Forever" (based on the famous children's book). If you are a romantic, and love to cuddle up with your honey to some beautiful music, this CD would be that perfect selection.

   Voices of Winter - Released in 1997, this CD contains some rare concert performances by Priscilla, Anne, and Cindy. Some lovely, rarely heard, and original Christmas tunes receive nice harmonic renditions by the trio. My favorite is "Unto You This Night"; it is just breathtaking. Also contains some funny tunes as well, such as "The Frozen Logger / Proper Cup of Coffee", "Chickadee", and "Mr. Santa" (sung to the snappy beat of "Mr. Sandman"). This is truly a stunningly beautiful CD.

   Moondreamer - Released in 1998, this is Priscilla's third children's CD. It is wonderful. Terrific songs for imaginative children, young and old. My favorites: "1000 Pairs of Pajamas", Mary Chapin Carpenter's "Dreamland", the traditional "All Through the Night", and "John O'Dreams" with music taken from Tchaikovsky's Symphony #6.

At The Turning Of The Year - Released in 2000, this is the eagerly awaited third trio album for Priscilla, Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen. Celebrating the beauty of nature in the wintertime, songs include the title tune, At the Turning of the Year, written by Anne Hills, Candlemas Eve, The Winter It Is Past, Swinton May Song, Goodbye to the Roses, Away Ye Merry Lasses, Uncle Dave's Grace, Solstice Round, written by Cindy Mangsen, Winter's Come and Gone, and several more beautiful tunes. You are sure to enjoy this special new CD from Priscilla, Anne, and Cindy. Cuddle up by your window with a mug of hot cocoa, and play this wonderful CD while watching the snow fall.


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