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English Music Hall had been around for ages before the 19th century, but it really blossomed as a professional form of entertainment in the middle to late 19th century, with certain performers becoming legendary stars of the genre by the turn of the 19th - 20th centuries, once acoustical recording technology was invented.

Performers like the irrepressible Harry Champion, who sang "I'm Henery The Eighth, I Am" many decades before Herman's Hermits, Albert Chevalier, Gus Elen, Dan Leno, Harry Lauder, Marie Lloyd, Charlie Penrose, Vesta Victoria, George Formby, George Robey, Jack Pleasants, Little Tich, Mark Sheridan, Eugene Stratton, Ella Retford, Albert Whelan, Florrie Forde, Wilkie Bard, Nelson Jackson, and George d'Albert surely weren't classical, high-brow singers or actors, but that was not what the public expected or wanted from them anyway. What they wanted, and what they got, were laughs, laughs, and more laughs. And these laughs still hold up today, albeit in rather ancient acoustical recordings, but still charming nevertheless. 

I have done my best to restore some of these vintage acoustic recordings, removing as much background hiss as possible, without sacrificing quality of expression. Available in MP3 music files, with original lyrics to sing along to, and nice vintage photos of the artists.

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The Laughing Policeman
Charlie Penrose

Come Up In My Balloon
Wilkie Bard

I'm Henry The Eighth I Am
Harry Champion

Boiled Beef And Carrots
Harry Champion

George Formby

The Wibbly Wobbly Walk
Mark Sheridan

King Ki-Ki
Little Tich

Oh! Oh! Antonio
Florrie Forde

Strip The Bed And Have
Another Little Look
George d'Albert

I Do Like To Be 
Beside The Seaside
Mark Sheridan

Every Little Movement Has a
Meaning Of Its Own
Marie Lloyd

Hold Your Hand Out, 
Naughty Boy
Florrie Forde

Ship Ahoy! All The Nice Girls
Love A Sailor
Ella Retford

Who Were You With
Last Night?
Mark Sheridan

When Father Laid The Carpet
On The Stairs
Nelson Jackson

Has Anybody Here
Seen Kelly?
Florrie Forde

Lily Of Laguna
Eugene Stratton

Fall In And Follow Me
Albert Whelan

Too Many Beautiful Girls
Albert Plunkett

You Splash Me & I'll Splash You
Alice Lloyd

Two Lovely Black Eyes
Charles Coborn / Two MP3

My Old Dutch
Albert Chevalier / Two MP3

I Live In Trafalgar Square
Melody Lane MP3

Roamin' In The Gloamin'
Harry Lauder

The Man Who Broke 
The Bank At Monte Carlo
Charles Coborn & Melody Lane MP3

Knocked 'Em In The
Old Kent Road
Melody Lane MP3 & Shirley Temple

The Boy I Love Is Up
In The Gallery
Melody Lane MP3

I'm Shy Mary Ellen, 
I'm Shy
Jack Pleasants / Two MP3

Keep Right On To The
End Of The Road
Harry Lauder
She Was Poor,
But She Was Honest
Billy Bennett MP3 / Melody Lane MP3
The Spaniard That
Blighted My Life
Al Jolson MP3
Good-bye Little Yellow Bird
Melody Lane MP3
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