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A unique, witty, and eclectic "British Invader" musician - entertainer - writer - pop icon figure - historian - radio host - ephemera collector and dog lover, Ian Whitcomb is a man of many hats, and he wears them all with style and panache. Two of his best books on early popular music After The Ball and Irving Berlin and Ragtime America, plus his various music compact discs have been a great source of information and inspiration for me in the creation of my Melody Lane web site. So it is only right and proper that he deserves a special section of the web site featuring his own very classy musical works that honor the music of yesterday. 

Ian Whitcomb's warm, vibrant and masterful ukulele and accordion playing is second to none. When he plays his "Ukie" it will make you feel like you are on a beach at Waikiki soaking up some rays, and the lovely musette sound of his accordion will transport you to a little outdoor café on the streets of Paris, where you can watch the sun set on the Eiffel Tower. I do hope you enjoy the magic of Ian's music.

Sentimentally Yours - Ian's latest CD is chockfull of pleasurable old-fashioned songs that are sure to bring a smile to your face and warm fuzzies in your heart. It's just an overall feel good experience.

Track Listing: (click on hypertext links to listen to stereo Mp3 samples; file size range: 340 - 480 kb)

1. Good Evening - (Ian Whitcomb) 1992
2.  If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts (Then We'll Just Be The Same Old Friends) - (Joe McCarthy, Jimmie V. Monaco) 1915
3.  Here I Am - (Bud De Sylva, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson)  1926
4.  I Love You - (Ian Whitcomb) 1999
5.  Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue? - (Al Bryan, George W. Meyer) 1925
6.  Give Me The Moonlight, Give Me The Girl (And Leave The Rest To Me) - (Lew Brown, Albert Von Tilzer) 1917
7.  You'll Find Out Some Day(Stovold, Whitcomb) circa 1930, New Version: 1984
8.  A Cottage For Sale - (Larry Conley, Willard Robison) 1930
9.  When I Lost You - (Irving Berlin, vocal)  1912
10. Under A Texas Moon - (Ray Perkins) 1929
11. Dreams- (Ian Whitcomb) 1999
12. So Will I - (Lew Brown, Cliff Friend)
13. Street Of Dreams - (Sam M. Lewis, Victor Young)  1932
14. When We're Dancing - (Ian Whitcomb) 2000
15. Then Came The Dawn - (Al Dubin, Harry Warren)  1928
16. Regrets - (Ian Whitcomb) 1981
17. So Long Sally - (Bob Merrill) 1950
18. Mother Of Mine - (Grant Clarke, Al Jolson, Louis Silvers) 1927
19. Pal of My Cradle Days - (Marshall Montgomery, Al Piantadosi) 1925
20. If You've Ever Loved - (Ian Whitcomb) 2000
21. Thinking Of You - (Walter Donaldson, Paul Ash)  1926
22. My Dog Has Fleas - (A Love Song) (Ian Whitcomb) 2000
23. In The Garden - (Ian Whitcomb) 2000
24. On Paradise Island - (Ian Whitcomb) 2000
25. Dream Daddy - (Louis Hersher, George Keefer)  1924
26. It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane - (Edgar Leslie, Joe Burke) 1937
27. Go To Sleep, My Little Cowboy  - (Bobby Gregory) circa 1945

Dance Hall Days - A Program Of Vintage Dances

Ian Whitcomb & His Bungalow Boys  - Ian and his band members present this exceptional compact disc comprised of evocative dance hall music from days gone by. Lively, favorite dance tunes of different styles from the 1910's and 1920's are included on this CD: great tangos, waltzes, rhumbas, and fox trots too. I highly recommend this CD - especially if you like to dance with your sweetie! 

Track Listing: (click on hypertext links to listen to stereo Mp3 samples; file size range: 250 - 600 kb)

1.  The Teddy Bears Picnic(March, Two Step)
2.   When I Lost You (Waltz, Instrumental)
3.   Whispering (Fox Trot, One-Step)
4.   Sandcastle (Ragtime Two-Step)
5.   After You've Gone (One Step)
6.   Sol Tropical (Rhumba)
7.   I'm Nobody's Baby (Fot Trot / One-Step)
8.   If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts (Slow Fox Trot)
9.  April Showers (Fox Trot)
1 0. Montmartre (Waltz)
11. Chester The Cat (One-Step)
12.When Sophie Dances (Tango)
13. Rocking The Baby To Sleep (Soft Shoe - Sand Dance)
14. When The Folks High-Up Do The Mean Low-Down (Swing Quick Step)
15.Rose Of Washington Square (Ragtime Two-Step)
16.Alice Blue Gown (Waltz)
17. That's Why They Call Me Shine (One-Step)
18. Breeze (Slow Fox Trot)
19. Stumbling (Fox Trot, One-Step)
20 . If You Were The Only Girl In The World(Medium Fox Trot)
21. Sultry Nights (Tango)
22. The Bumbling Bear (Glide-Saunter)
23. My Blues (Slow Drag)
24. Fairy On The Clock (Novelty, Fox Trot)
25. Dreams Of Old L.A. (Tango)

  Titanic - Music As Heard On That Fateful Voyage
One of the favorite compact discs in my own personal collection, this superb, Grammy award winning CD is a must have for all Titanic fans, plus all those people who love the fun, romantic and vibrant songs of the 1912 era. Hear them brought back to life again through these wonderful arrangements by Ian Whitcomb and his fellow musicians. The matching sheet music songbook for this great collection of tunes, with reprints of original sheets of the songs, is available through Mel Bay Publications.

Track Listing: (click on hypertext links to listen to stereo Mp3 samples, file size range: 220 - 500kb)

1.   The White Star March
2.   The Convergence Of The Twain - (text file) 1912 Thomas Hardy Poem read by Ian Whitcomb
3.   Glow-Worm
4.   Mon Coeur S'Ouvre A Ta Voix (My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice)
5.   In The Shadows
6.   Oh, You Beautiful Doll
7.   Music Hall Waltz Medley: a) Are We To Part Like This, Bill? b) If Those Lips Could Only Speak
8.   The Mosquito's Parade
9.   The Merry Widow Waltz
10. Alexander's Ragtime Band
11. Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
12. Music Hall March Medley: 1) I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside, b) Fall In And Follow Me, c) Ship Ahoy! 
13. Selections From The Musical Comedy The Arcadians : a) Chorus Of Waitresses, b) My Mother, c) Arcady Is Ever Young
14. Shine On Harvest Moon
15. That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune
16. Destiny
17. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee
18. Salut d'Amour   (Love's Greeting)
19. Frankie and Johnny
20. Silver Heels
21. Lily Of Laguna
22. Moonstruck
23. Song d'Automne

  Titanic Tunes - A Sing-Along In Steerage

The songs that third class passengers would have played below deck would have been quite different from the more high-brow music that the rich - and nouveau rich - would have enjoyed in first class. These music hall songs would have been popular in the year in which Titanic sailed, and sank. Matching sheet music songbook is available; includes many hard to find replica sheets for original English Music Hall sheet music.

Track Listing: (click on hypertext links to listen to stereo Mp3 samples; file size range: 340 - 550 kb)

1.   Overture: At The Music Hall
2.   The Man on the Flying Trapeze
3.   The Boy In The Gallery - Regina Whitcomb
4.   If It Wasn't For The 'Ouses in Between
5.   At Trinity Church
6.   It's A Great Big Shame
7.   I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard
8.   When The Summer Comes Again
9.   I Live In Trafalgar Square
10. Just Like The Ivy, I'll Cling To You
11. I Wouldn't Leave My Little Wooden Hut For You
12. Nellie Dean
13. Poor John!
14. In The Twi-Twi-Twilight
15. If I Should Plant A Tiny Seed Of Love
16. I Used To Sigh For The Silvery Moon
17. I'm Shy, Mary Ellen, I'm Shy
18. I'm Twenty-One Today
19  Percy From Pimlico
20. A Fallen Star

   Last Call - Soundtrack
If you adore that evocative big band sound from the 30's and 40's, this music soundtrack is right up your alley. The film Last Call, showing on Showtime Cable Network to critical acclaim, stars Jeremy Irons, Neve Campbell, and Sissy Spacek. It is the story of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald in his last years, confronting his personal demons while attempting to finish work on his final masterpiece The Last Tycoon with the help of his secretary and confidante Frances Kroll. If you would like a copy of this CD you are welcome to visit his website (link below) for more information.

Track Listing: (click on hypertext links to listen to stereo Mp3 samples, file size range: 400 - 700 kb)

1.   When You're There
2.   Same As Ever (vocal)
3.   Cornhusk
4.   June Time
5.   My Blues
6.   Cottage By The Sea
7.   Cabaret Girl
8.   Lonely
9.   Hello
10. Goodnight
11. Candyland
12. I Just Knew
13. Trottin' At The Troc
14. Same As Ever (instrumental)

  The Cat's Meow Original Soundtrack
Super soundtrack from the new film The Cat's Meow, starring Edward Herrmann, Kirsten Dunst, and Cary Elwes, about an infamous Hollywood scandal - possible murder of film producer Thomas Ince aboard Randolph William Hearst's yacht. This soundtrack combines original recordings of the period by performers like Al Jolson, plus other vintage songs performed by Ian and His Bungalow Boys. Track listing and Real Audio music samples are available on Ian's website; simply click on the button "Ian Whitcomb CDs", below.
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