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Alice Gray

An absolutely charming 19th century song originating from Scotland
Music by Mrs. P. Millard
Lyrics by William Mee (1879)
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All The Pretty Little Horses

American Folk Traditional
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Annie Laurie

Traditional Scot Folk Love Ballad
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A Sprig Of Thyme

A haunting lament from the north of England, 19th century
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Aura Lea

Poetry by W.W. Fosdick, Esq. Music by Geo. R. Poulton.
   Publication: Richmond, VA: Lithographed and Published by Geo. Dunn & Co., 1861
American Folk song popular during the Civil War. Elvis Presley changed the words around
and recorded a huge hit with his rendition of Love Me Tender
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Barb'ra Allen

A very old and very beautiful & haunting Scottish air
Probably 1600's or earlier
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Believe Me, If All Those Enduring Young Charms

Traditional 18th Century Melody and "new" lyrics in the early 19th Century
Written by Thomas Moore (1832)
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Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair

Beautiful traditional 19th Century Folk Song,
made popular in the Appalachian mountain areas of the U.S.
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Blue Bells Of Scotland

Scottish Traditional
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Bonnie Doon

Incredibly beautiful song from Scotland,
Words by poet Robert Burns
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Botany Bay

Australian Folk Song from the early 1800's
Botany Bay became famous as a penal colony
where many prisoners from Britain and Ireland were sent;
it also has a rich fishing and whaling history
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British Grenadiers, The

British, the perfect soldier song
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The Bold Grenadier
The Grenadier and the Lady

An ever-popular romantic English folk song about unrequited love
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Butcher Boy, The

Traditional 19th Century English Folk Song, circa 1860
A powerful song of unrequited love.

Inspiration for finding and sequencing this song came from my re-watching another 1st season episode
of the BBC Masterpiece Theater classic TV program "Upstairs, Downstairs". Emily, the kitchen maid,
falls in love with another family's coachman, only to be told the two cannot see each other again.
Emily is heard singing this song in the background as the couple's forced parting results in disaster.
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Can Ye Sew Cushions?

Lovely traditional Scottish folk lullabye for children of all ages
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Careless Love

"Can't you see what careless love can do?"
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Folk Song of Ireland
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Carry Me Back To Old Virginny

Words and Music by James A. Bland (1878)
A favorite Southern plantation song.
Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy sang this song together in "Maytime"
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Cielito Lindo

South American Traditional
Words and Music by Quirino Mendoza y Cortes
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Come Over The Stream, Charlie

Classic Traditional Folk Song from Scotland
This is something different; a real pretty war song
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Cuckoo Bird, The

An old English folk song about the dangers of "hit and run" lovers
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Dark Eyed Sailor, The

Lovely English Folk Song about a woman who loves her seaman
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Dark Eyes - Ochie Chornie

Fantastic Russian Traditional Folk Song
Russian and English Lyrics
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Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron

Traditional English Folk Love Song
How fast can you sing? :)
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Daughters Of Erin, The

Traditional Irish Folk Song, Thomas Moore Lyrics
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Written and Composed by Dan D. Emmett (1860)
Written for a minstrel show, and performed at Confederate President Jefferson Davis's Inaugural in 1861
The name "Dixie" originated from the French word for ten: "dix".
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Down By The Sally Gardens

Gorgeous Celtic love song inspired by a poem by Yeats
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Du, du liegst mir am Herzen

Traditional German Leider Folk - Love Song
German & English Lyrics
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Early One Morning

Bittersweet and haunting traditional English folk song, about lost love and deception,
probably 18th century
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Eileen Aroon

Traditional Irish Folk Song from the 17th Century
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English Country Gardens

Traditional English Folk Song
Extolls the beauties of the English countryside
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Flow Gently, Sweet Afton

2 MP3 Files of Different Variations of this lovely Folk Song from Scotland
Words by Robert Burns, Scot Poet
See which one you like better
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Foggy Dew, The

Traditional Irish Folk Song
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Gentle Maiden, The

Melody: Traditional Irish; Words by Harold Boulton
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Gentle Shepherd

A plaintive beautiful love song from the 1700's
I sang this song for an audition once,
and never forgot its gorgeous melody
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Girl I Left Behind Me, The

This soldier's song for the girl he loves has been a favorite since Elizabethan times.
Now THAT is longevity!
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Golden Slumbers

English Folk Lullaby
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Greensleeves and What Child Is This?

Both sets of lyrics to this song from ca. 1580,
which was re-written again in the late 1800's as the familiar Christmas song
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Hava Nagila

Traditional Hebrew Folk Song Of Israel
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He's Gone Away

Haunting Appalachian American Folk Song
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Idle Days Of Summer Time

Welsh Folk Song
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I Know Where I'm Going

Haunting English folk song of first love
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Irish Girl, The

Traditional Irish Folk Love Song
About a couple who just can't seem to get it together
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It's A Rosebud In June

Folk Fertility Song
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I've Been Working On The Railroad

American Traditional, 19th Century Folk Song
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Jock O'Hazeldean

Traditional folk ballad song from Scotland
What happens when someone tries to bribe a woman into marrying someone she does not love?
This song answers that question; with memorable words by Scotland's Poet Laureate Sir Walter Scot
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John Anderson, My Jo

Traditional Scot Folk Song, words by Robert Burns, 18th century
This song is very funny, it must be the template for all "henpecked husband" songs.
The elderly couple in this song could probably represent 3/4's of older couples today....if you could be a fly
on the wall and listen to what they say to each other in the bedroom, or rather, what the wife says to her husband.
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Johnny Is Gone For A Soldier

Probably the most haunting song to come out of the Civil War era
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Kathleen Mavourneen

Gorgeous Folk Song of Ireland
One of my favorites
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and Vintage Recording in MP3 of John McCormack

Katy Cruel

Traditional American Folk Song
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Kum Ba Yah

This moving African-American traditional Spiritual song from the 19th century
did much to initiate the style of black gospel folk-type music we know today.
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Land Of The Leal

Beautiful Folk Song of Scotland
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La Paloma

South American Sea Song
Come on a sea cruise, and don't forget the sunscreen lotion
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Lark In The Clear Air, The

Beautiful English Folk Song of Love in the Springtime
Do you remember a day like this in your life?
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Lass With The Delicate Air (or Aire), The

A little sweet, a little pretentious, a little Baroque sounding -
this classic old English love song is a traditional vocal recital piece.
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Little Turtle Dove, The

Traditional English Folk Song
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Loch Lomond

Traditional Folk Song From Scotland
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Long, Long Ago

Written by Thomas Haynes Bayly (1883)
A very famous folk song about bittersweet, romantic memories
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   Words and Music by Rev. H.D.L. Webster.
Publication: Chicago: H.M. Higgins, 117 Randolph St., 1857.
This love song is so incredibly beautiful. It predates the Civil War, but became
a popular song during that time period amongst the soldiers. It was featured again on
Ken Burns' PBS Documentary, "The Civil War"
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Lord Franklin

Beautiful Folk Song About A Lost Ship At Sea
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Meeting Of The Waters, The

Very poetical folk song from Ireland
Written by Thomas Moore (1779-1852)
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Megan's Fair Daughter

Very pretty Welsh folk song
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Miller Of Dee, The

English Folk Song With The Eternal Theme: "I am a rock. I am an island."
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Minstrel Boy, The

Traditional Irish Folk Song
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Molly Malone

Traditional Irish Folk Song
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My Luve Is Like A Red Red Rose

Music by Neil Gow (1745), Words by Robert Burns, 18th century
So luverly, this ever popular folk song was sung in a memorable episode of the classic
BBC Masterpiece Theater series Upstairs, Downstairs
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O Flower Of Scotland

 Stirring folk song that praises the military successes of the brave Scots who love freedom

Scotland The Brave

Stirring folk song that praises the military successes of the brave Scots who love freedom
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Pastyme With Good Company

This is one of 14 songs that King Henry the Eighth of England wrote in the early 16th century,
and the most famous one as well. It has been featured in several films made about his life
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(Peter's Fountain)

Austrian Folk Song
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Rose Of Tralee, The

A traditional Irish favorite
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Rowan Tree, The

A beautiful country, rich with history, and a charming accent...
what more could you wish for in a place to visit.
Come take a tour of Scotland
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(Cherry Blossoms)

Japanese Folk Song
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Sally In Our Alley

Traditional British Folk Song
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Scarborough Fair

An Old English riddle song, of which there are many variations
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She Moved Through The Fair

A tender and beautiful Irish Ghost Love Song
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Traditional folk tune about the beauties of the Shenandoah Valley
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She's Like The Swallow

This is an old and haunting folk song. Do you think
the lady in the story dies from unrequited love?
I'm not sure, but some seem to believe so
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Silent Worship

Heard as the song the characters of Emma & Frank sang together
in the popular 1996 Miramax Film "Emma" with Gwyneth Paltrow
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Skye Boat Song

Folk Song of Scotland
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Smile In Your Sleep, Bonny Baby

Sweet and haunting Scottish lullabye - military song
From the 19th Century
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Stephen Foster's songs are in their own section; please click on the link above

Snowy Breasted Pearl

Lovely Folk Song of Ireland
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Suo Gan

Welsh Folk Song Heard in Steven Speilberg's 1987 WW 2 Film "Empire of the Sun"
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Texas Folk Songs

Ol' Texas, Streets of Laredo
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Beautiful Celtic Music from the Blind Master of the Harp

Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!

Words and Music by George Root (1864)
A Civil War Song popular with both the North and the South
Also known as "Jesus Loves The Little Children"
Words by Preacher C. Herbert Woolston
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Trout, The

"Die Forelle"
Franz Schubert - German Folk - Classical Song
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Two Guitars

A boisterous and exuberant Russian folk song
that has always been popular with all peoples
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Valentine's Day

English Folk Song, probably derived from Shakepeare's Hamlet
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Waltzing Matilda

Care to go on walkabout, mates?
Australia's most famous folk song
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Water Is Wide, The

"O Waly Waly"

Song of false love, whose melody dates back to the 18th century
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Traditional English Folk Christmas Song
"Here's to your health!"
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Weel May The Keel Row

Traditional Folk Song, best sung in a round to impress your friends
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Weeping, Sad and Lonely
When This Cruel War Is Over

   Words by Charles Carroll Sawyer. Music Composed and Arranged by Henry Tucker.
     Publication: Brookly, N.Y.: Sawyer & Thompson, 59 Fulton Av., 1863.
Another exquisite American folk song that became popular during the Civil War, on both the
North and South sides (with different lyrics, of course)
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We Shall Meet And Love In Heaven

Lyrics by Bella French and music by Thomas Martin Towne (1873)
A very pretty nineteenth century love song, with an eternal message of hope in the afterlife
The words were written by Bella French for his wife
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When The Saints Go Marching In

American Traditional Folk Song, Dixie Land Style
Composer James Black (19th Century)
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When You And I Were Young, Maggie

Music by J.A. Butterfield. Words by Geo. W. Johnson.
    Publication: Boston: Oliver Ditson & Co., 451 Washington St., 1866
A lovely bittersweet ballad from the Civil War era
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White Wings

Words and Music by Banks Winter (1912)
Lilting song of the sea, based on a popular novel by the same name, from the 1800's.
Notice the year the song was written: the year of Titanic
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Who Is At My Window Weeping?

Very haunting English folk song about a Romeo and Juliet type of love
relationship that has a tragic end
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Willow Tree, The

Haunting English Folk Song of Love and Betrayal
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